Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Saving Space with a Television Wall Mount

There are times when a traditional television cabinet may not be possible within a room. This can be due to a limited amount of space, or the simple desire to have an uncluttered surrounding. Such situations may dictate the need for a wall-mounted television bracket. Assuming that space is the primary concern, which brackets offer the most benefits and what are some other considerations?

Slim-Fit Models

Many modern wall mounts are able to accommodate extremely stringent needs. In fact, some offer a clearance of only a few centimetres away from the wall. These are ideal choices, for they will display a streamlined appearance while still providing a stable platform for the television.


Although there are many step-by-step guides online which describe the mounting process in great detail, one concern that is not often addressed is how the wires should be dealt with. This can be challenging with slim-fit mounts, for certain televisions may not offer enough rear space to accommodate the more bulky connections. Before deciding upon a certain bracket, check to determine the exact amount of space that is provided between itself and the wall. Then, see if this margin is compatible with the television.

Of course, other types of mounts include those designed for heavy-duty use, and others that can swivel to various angles. Slim-fit systems are, nonetheless, an excellent variety. With a bit of foresight and research, selecting the correct model and dimensions is quite simple.

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